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Features of IBO

IBO are here to offer highly qualified IB online tutoring. If this is your first online tutoring, our dedicated team can help you no matter how you are confused IB studies.

One-on-one online instruction by experienced IB tutors and examiners.

At IBO, one-on-one instruction is provided by specially selected tutors, including professional tutors with a wealth of experience in IB instruction and tutors who have actually experienced the IB curriculum and achieved high grades.

Since you can communicate interactively with instructors who are well versed in the IB, please feel free to consult with them not only about study-related questions, but also about your concerns about entrance examinations and future career paths.

One-on-one instruction online by professional foreign instructors with extensive experience in IB instruction!
Connect high-quality IB instruction from all over the world with students whenever and wherever you are!

Connect high-quality IB instruction from all over the world with students whenever and wherever you are!

All IBO classes are conducted online. As long as you have access to the Internet, there is no need to commute and no need to travel to and from classes, so you can take lessons from anywhere in the world at any time you like. In addition, students can register for classes prior to enrollment, meet with their tutors regularly, and receive advice on their future plans, all online.

Provide students with the best support for all IB curriculums and for IBDP certification.

We provide one-on-one tutoring for children in preparation for all IB accredited school curricula (PYP, MYP, and DP).

In the case of DP students, we follow up with them beginning from the DP course until the completion of the final exam in order to help them obtain the IB diploma.

The DP final exam is an important exam that accounts for more than 70% of the student's grade.

We will guide you to obtain the qualification by thoroughly reviewing the basics and preparing for the examinations.

Support for IB accredited schools for curriculum-based instruction and International Baccalaureate qualifications
Personalized curriculum based on your learning situation and goals!

Personalized curriculum based on your learning situation and goals!

We will help you to steadily achieve your goals by creating a flexible curriculum that addresses a wide range of IB-specific concerns, such as routine assignments, in-class exams, essays, and presentations.

⑥ Professional native experienced tutors and Education Consultants work together to manage learning!

Professional native instructors with a wealth of IB teaching experience and Education Consultantss work together to manage learning, including the content and level of difficulty of the subject matter. They adapt the course of study to the child's aptitude. We also provide support for students who want to enter a university after obtaining the IBDP.

Professional native tutors and  Education Consultants work together to manage learning!
Interactive classes that greatly enhance learning!

Interactive classes that greatly enhance learning!

IBO's online classes are "interactive," meaning that your child will have an online conversation with a professional native tutor, so any questions that arise during the class can be resolved on the spot.

The interactive one-on-on lessons ensure that your child’s rate of understanding is accelerated. We enhance learning effectively by encouraging questions and guiding students to find and solve questions on their own initiative.

Our Courses

  • Math


    We offer tuition for all IB Math levels:

    • Math AA (SL& HL), Math AI (SL & HL)
    • Mathematics HL, Mathematics SL, Mathematical Studies

  • English


    We offer tuition for IB English levels, as follows:

    • Language A: Literature(SL&HL)
    • Language A: Language and Literature(SL&HL)

  • Chemistry


    We offer tuition for all IB Chemistry levels:

    • Chemistry (SL&HL)

  • Biology


    We offer tuition for all IB Biology levels:

    • Biology (SL&HL)

  • Physics


    We offer tuition for all IB Physics levels:

    • Physics (SL&HL)

  • Business


    We offer tuition for all IB Business management levels:

    • Business management (SL&HL)

  • TOK


    TOK is part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program core, and it is mandatory for all IBDP students to take. We offer tuition for Theory of Knowledge. Get the best support from experienced tutors today!

Select IB studies by grade level

IBO has many IB coordinators who are well versed in the International Baccalaureate (IB) assessment criteria.

Professional instructors and learning advisors work together to propose the most appropriate curriculum for your child, and provide instruction that captures the essentials and interactive lessons that can improve grades and scores because they are familiar with the assessment criteria!

Primary Years (Age 3~12)

  • Primary Years are a time to build a foundation for the IBDP, including independence, thinking, and speaking based on thorough exploration. This is a period of preparation for the IBDP, in which English language skills, behavior, and values are developed in addition to knowledge of certain subjects.

  • Stern Robert

Common problems in Primary Years

    • Unclear and uncertain about obtaining IBDP and future direction
    • Concerned about understanding basic subjects such as math
    • Students need to improve their style of learning and develop a sense of independence, so they can stop learning in a passive way.
    • Students feel anxious about what to do in preparation for MYP.
  • Common problems in Primary Years

IBO guidance points


We promote English language development and the understanding of the curriculum in an efficient fashion.

As this is the grade in which students acquire understanding and independence in each subject, we teach one subject in English while communicating with the instructor to effectively develop English language skills and the understanding of the subject at the same time, and improve the students' skills.


We encourage skillful research and speeches based on survey questions.

We will encourage your child to research and speak well based on the school's survey assignment and the survey provided by the IBO instructor. IBO instructors will carefully support your child through correction and communication so that he/she can think and speak with an awareness of the organization he/she is in and of the world, which are important matters for IB, in addition to the use of hypothesis and verification.


Support for parents

We also consult with parents when necessary to discuss what is needed at the present time and explain the overall picture of IB education for the future of the child. In addition, we share with parents the key points that are necessary for the current students in the upper grades of PYP to prepare them for MYP (for junior high school), and enhance the child's growth.

The reason why we get great results
Current and former tutors from IB-accredited schools, as well as those with experience teaching IB primary years students, will work with your child to find the underlying issues such as the reason why he or she might not understand something and what the strong or weak aspects of his or her personality are. We will promote growth by solving any underlying issues, so that we can produce results for future growth.

Members of the teaching staff

  • Kundu Sneha

    Kundu Sneha

  • Olivia Nakashima

    Olivia Nakashima

  • Hasnain Farrah

    Hasnain Farrah

  • Jerrems Michelle

    Jerrems Michelle

  • Macatantan Catherine

    Macatantan Catherine

  • Ahmad Farouk Adlyn

    Ahmad Farouk Adlyn

Preparatory course
We offer a free interview and consultation about studies for parents in order to explain the process and characteristics of the IBDP, the measures to take at present, and your child’s current level.
We are able to provide a consultation about your child's needs because we offer completely individualized and personalized follow-up services. We can offer "parents-only" and "three-party” meetings on a flexible basis.
Communication Skills Course
This course is designed to promote interactive communication through instruction on school assignments and exploratory assignments given by IBO instructors. Instructors with experience in IB instruction will ask questions according to the child's situation and help the child express his or her opinions in his or her own words. Students will acquire communication skills naturally by answering many questions from the instructor.
Inquiry (survey) Course
The course can be taught either as a school project or an exploration project assigned by an IBO tutor, and every two months, students practice researching and summarizing their own ideas about a theme. The course is designed to help students acquire a proactive attitude toward learning and discover the joy of learning.
MYP Preparation Course
We offer free interviews and consultations about studies, especially for parents, to understand the process and characteristics of the IBDP acquisition process, preparation for MYP and measures for the current level of your child. There is a consultation for each family, which is possible because of IBO's completely individualized and tailor-made follow-up services. (We can offer "parents-only" and "third-party” meetings, etc.)

The above courses are just an example.
The Education Consultants and tutors with extensive IB teaching experience work together to create an individualized curriculum that is best suited to each child's level and goals.

*Tuition fees vary depending on the grade level and course. Please contact us for details.

Middle Years (Age 11~16)

  • MIddle Years are the age at which students build the foundation for essay writing (writing academic papers), keeping in mind the acquisition of communication, self-management, literacy, and the thinking skills required for the IBDP. This is the age when students need to solidify their skills in each subject area while also improving those skills.

  • Stern Robert

Common problems in MIddle Years

    • Students have difficulty writing essays well.
    • They are anxious about understanding and communicating in English.
    • They are concerned about what to do about the DP grade at the present time.
    • They are anxious about some subjects.
  • Middle Years (Age 11~16)

IBO guidance points


Essay tutoring by instructors well versed in the IBDP evaluation criteria

Our instructors, who have extensive IB teaching experience, will teach you how to write essays according to a rubric that will be useful at the time of the DP. We will help you to raise your level by following the school curriculum, such as working on school assignments together or focusing on an essay about a particular topic.


Basic review based on the confirmation of the DP evaluation criteria

While checking the DP evaluation criteria, we will check not only the basics of each subject, but also the students’ level of English proficiency. The tutors from IB-accredited schools will be able to fully demonstrate their abilities in each subject, including essay writing, mathematics, and science, which are particularly vulnerable to stumbling blocks. This approach will lead to an overall improvement in the students' level of English.


Individualized consultation on courses and career paths

We receive many requests for advice on what courses to take. One of IBO's strengths is that we have many IB coordinators who are well versed in the IB evaluation criteria and can follow up with students on a completely individual basis according to their strengths, weaknesses, and future potential (to be determined later). Our consultations about studies and careers, including those with parents, have also been well received.


Three-party support, including for parent

We will help with the resolution of issues about the student's future, including finding solutions based on information and sharing issues with students, parents, and instructors, using class recordings, writing instructional reports, and conducting interviews (free of charge) when necessary. We will also consult with parents on matters, and work together with them to enhance student growth and improve evaluations.

The reason why we get great results
Our experienced tutors, who have taught at IB-accredited schools and are familiar with the IB assessment standards, will enable students to thoroughly learn the English language and deal with difficulties in various subjects by addressing issues that the students have, including any problems with the school curriculum. We take into account the student's personality and solve the underlying issues so that we can achieve results such as improved assessments and prepare him or her for the future at the same time.

Members of the teaching staff

  • Hasnain Farrah

    Hasnain Farrah

  • Jerrems Michelle

    Jerrems Michelle

  • Macatantan Catherine

    Macatantan Catherine

  • Ahmad Farouk Adlyn

    Ahmad Farouk Adlyn

  • Stern Robert

    Stern Robert

  • Kundu Sneha

    Kundu Sneha

  • Pereira Santos Henrique Augusto

    Pereira Santos Henrique Augusto

Courses for improving your essay writing ability
We can assist students both with homework from school and assignments from IBO instructors. We will correct the students' essays and guide them according to the rubric in order to help them improve their grades and learn how to write essays (mastering the evaluation criteria).
Intelligent Thinking Skills course (IS--other subjects are also acceptable)
Through Individual & Society (IS) courses, students will develop critical-thinking skills as well as enhance their knowledge of social studies and essay writing skills. Experienced IB instructors will teach students how to develop critical-thinking skills, strengthen IS skills, and write essays at the same time.
Courses for mastering subjects you are not good at
As we head into the DP school year, students are concerned about their weaknesses in subjects and English language skills. Especially for students who will be entering an IB accredited school from high school, this is a time when they are anxious about how they should prepare for the IB. Through overcoming weak points in each subject and reviewing English skills, tutors from IB-accredited schools and tutors with IB teaching experience will provide a total follow-up to the DP grade (while also developing exploration skills and ATL skills).
DP Diploma Preparation Course
IBO offers free career counseling and course counseling. Students can reaffirm their goals by reviewing their strengths and weaknesses from an objective point of view. We can flexibly support you with parents-only or three-party meetings.

The above courses are just an example.
The Education Consultants and tutors with extensive IB teaching experience work together to create an individualized curriculum that is best suited to each child's level and goals.

*Tuition fees vary depending on the grade level and course. Please contact us for details.

Diploma (Age 16~19)

  • These will be the two years when the DP grading will begin. Grading will be partially based on the evaluation of submitted assignments and the attitudes toward working on them. This is also the year in which students need to prepare for the final exam. Students will aim to obtain the IB qualification by first submitting each assignment and then studying a wide range of subjects in preparation for the final exam.

  • Diploma (Age 16~18)

Common problems in Diploma Years

    • Students feel unsure about how to study for the final exam.
    • They improve in the subjects they are not good at.
    • They want to get better grades in core subjects.
    • They need information on universities as they consider career paths.hs.
  • Diploma (Age 16~18)

IBO guidance points


Preparation for the final exam

In order to prepare for the final exam, our instructors, who have experience as IB examiners, will guide you through the key points of what to study, when to study it, and how to study it, they will guide you to get the target score in the final exam. We will provide you with all the information you need to know, such as the total points for each subject, how to improve your score, and the study materials to be used.


Preparation for math and science

We especially receive many inquiries about subjects like math and science.
Because of the large number of subjects in DP, students are unable to keep up with their studies and inevitably have weak points in some subjects.
Since students must achieve a certain score in all subjects in the final exam, they need to improve in any weak subjects during the early stage of the exam process.
At IBO, our experienced IB instructors will check your child's level of understanding while teaching them. We also provide daily follow-up services by using the same teaching materials used at school.


Evaluating up core subjects

It is difficult to prepare for core subjects by simply absorbing knowledge, as is the case with academic subjects.
In particular, many students have trouble with EE and TOK because they require special thinking and expressive skills, such as how to write an essay and how to approach an issue.
IBO's interactive instruction allows students to deepen their understanding and apply it to essay writing through repeated dialogue with the instructor.


University Entrance Exam and Career Counseling Consultation Support

Many students and parents have trouble choosing a university because of the wide range of options available to them, both at domestic and international universities.
At IBO, we provide career counseling for each student.
Even if they have not yet decided on a direction, we will share with them what they need to do now to prepare for higher education, and provide guidance and follow-up.
Our instructors and advisors, who are well versed in IB entrance examinations, will provide full support.
We are always ready to help you.

The reason why we get great results
At IBO, our experienced instructors and Education Consultants work together to support students in their studies.
The tutors are in charge of IB instruction, while the study advisors are in charge of motivation management and career counseling, thus realizing total support.
The main goal of the DP is to exceed the target score in the Final Exam.
We have received a high level of satisfaction by providing a personalized and specialized service that responds not only to the school's curriculum and elective subjects, but also to the student's personality, in order to help each student achieve his or her goals.

Members of the teaching staff

  • Stern Robert

    Stern Robert

  • Consuelo Gonzalez

    Consuelo Gonzalez

  • Macatantan Catherine

    Macatantan Catherine

  • Lou Takayama

    Lou Takayama

Final Exam Course
Target points are calculated according to the student's desired career path. The class curriculum is created based on the student's current study status.
Our tutors are well versed in DP, so they are able to provide efficient and to-the-point instruction.
Math Preparation Course
Math requires a high level in SL too, and there are areas where learning is not straightforward, such as the use of a function calculator.
By focusing on how to apply knowledge to solve problems, students will develop the ability to think for themselves and solve problems on their own.
Science Preparation Course
Many students have difficulty with science, which includes a wide range of subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and takes time to understand.
At IBO, tutors with expertise in IB as well as other subjects provide guidance and support to help students tackle their studies in a positive manner.
EE/TOK Preparation Course
This course is designed to prepare students for the EE (Thesis) essay assignment and the TOK (Theory of Knowledge) instruction about knowledge. The EE and TOK are core subjects.
Based on the assignments given by the school, IB coordinators and certified school instructors who understand the DP evaluation criteria will support the assignments.
This is a popular course for the DP grades, and IBO is proud to offer this course to students who are working toward obtaining the DP.

The above courses are just an example.
The Education Consultants and tutors with extensive IB teaching experience work together to create an individualized curriculum that is best suited to each child's level and goals.

*Tuition fees vary depending on the grade level and course. Please contact us for details.


Based on the mission of the International Baccalaureate (IB), we provide one-on-one instruction in line with all curricula (PYP, MYP, DP) of IB-accredited schools. We provide thorough support for DP students starting with DP enrollment assistance to IBDP acquisition and college admissions.

  • PYP(Primary Years Program)

    Primary Education Program (3-12 years old)

    Programs that emphasize the development of both the mind and the body

    The PYP curriculum is centered on the following six cross-curricular themes based on the commonality of the human person, which is considered essential in the context of international education.

    • Who we are.
    • Where we are in place and time.
    • How we express ourselves.
    • How the world works.
    • How we organize ourselves.
    • Sharing the planet.

    While working on these cross-cutting themes, students will study the following six subjects

    • Language
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Study
    • Arts
    • Physical ,Social & Personal Education
  • MYP(Middle Years Program)

    Middle education program (11-16 years old)

    Programs that allow students to learn about the connections between their previous studies and society.

    • Language & Literature
    • Language Acquisition
    • Individuals & Societies
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • Arts
    • Physical & Health Education
    • Design
    • Individuals & Societies includes history and geography.
    • Science includes biology, chemistry, and physics.

    The eight subjects are related to the following five areas of interaction (AOI: areas of interaction) that transcend traditional subject areas and are intended to encourage students to increase their awareness of their relevance to the real world, rather than viewing them in isolation.

    • Approaches to learnin
    • Community and Service Activities
    • Human Creativity
    • Diverse Environments
    • Health and Social Education

DP(Diploma Program)

Diploma qualification program (16-19 years old)

This is a program that supports international academic qualifications (the International Baccalaureate) after two years of study as part of a prescribed curriculum, passing a final examination and getting the required grades.

The DP curriculum consists of the following six groups (subjects) and three compulsory requirements called "cores". Students choose one subject from each of the six groups and study the six. The students choose one subject from each of the six groups and study the six subjects over the course of two years. However, The Arts (Group 6) can be substituted for subjects from other groups. The purpose of choosing and studying the subjects is to give students the knowledge of and skills in specialized fields that they will need at college and later in their careers. Three or four of the six subjects are offered at the Higher Level (HL, 240 hours each), while the others are offered at the Standard Level (SL, 150 hours each). The other subjects are standard level (SL, 150 hours each).

Group 1

Language & Literature

  • Language A: Literature
  • Language A: Language and Literature
  • Literature and Theatre (SL only)※

Group 2

Language Acquisition

  • Language B
  • Entry level language (SL only)

Group 3

Individuals & Societies

  • Geography--History
  • Economics--Business and Management
  • Information Technology and Global Society
  • Philosophy--Psychology
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology, World Religions (SL only)
  • Global Politics

Group 4


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics--Computer Science
  • Design Technology
  • Sports, Exercise and Health Science
  • Environmental Systems and Society※ Society※

Group 5


  • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
  • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation

Group 6


  • Music
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Drama
  • Literature and Drama is a cross-disciplinary subject between Groups 1 and 6. Environmental Systems and Society" is a cross-disciplinary subject between Groups 3 and 4.


In addition to the six groups above, there are three required core courses: TOK (Theory of Knowledge), EE (Extended Essay), and CAS (Creativity, Activity & Service).

Theory of Knowledge

Essays and presentations (100 hours)

Extended Essay

Each student must decide on a theme to explore in a sort of thesis and write a 4,000-word essay in English


The students do activities on their own once a week for 18 months and record the activities in the CAS portfolio.

  • The awarding of the International Baccalaureate Certificates
  • The DP is evaluated both internally by the enrolling school and externally by the IB Organization, with a total score of 24 points or higher on a 45 point scale.

    • ●6 subjects (7 points maximum for each subject) = 42 points maximum
    • ●Core (TOK, EE, CAS) = 3 points total
    • *Final examinations: May and November each year

About the International Baccalaureate (IB)

What is the International Baccalaureate (IB)?

  • It’s an international educational program offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (headquartered in Geneva). The International Baccalaureate (IB) was established in 1968 to develop students who can understand and cope with the complexities of the world, in order to equip students with the attitudes and skills to act responsibly in the future, to provide an internationally accepted university entrance qualification (International Baccalaureate), and to ensure that they have a route to college admissions.

  • 国際バカロレア(IB)とは

The mission of the International Baccalaureatee

The International Baccalaureate (IB) aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who will contribute to building a better, more peaceful world through understanding and respect for diverse cultures. The IB works for this purpose with schools, governments, and international organizations to develop challenging international education programs and rigorous assessment mechanisms. The International Baccalaureate program encourages students from all over the world to continue their studies throughout their lives as active, empathetic learners who understand differences in others and who recognize that people who think differently from them can be justified in their own way.

  • International Baccalaureate learners

    • All International Baccalaureate programs aim to develop internationally minded individuals. Recognizing our common humanity and our responsibility to protect the earth together, we nurture individuals who will contribute to building a better and more peaceful world. The following ten personalities represent the human qualities that the International Baccalaureate School values:

    • 国際バカロレアの学習者像

    • people who are inquisitive, knowledgeable, open-minded, compassionate, challenging, balanced, and reflective, and people who are thinkers, communicators, and believers.
  • International Baccalaureate cross-curricular skills

    The International Baccalaureate sets common skills for each subject, and through the IBDP, we aim to improve skills that are applicable in the real world.

    • 国際バカロレアの教科横断型スキル

    • Thinking skills acquired through memory, understanding, application, analysis, evaluation, and creation; metacognitive skills
      Communication skills listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills for understanding others (information) or for self (information) transmission
      Social skills Skills to build and maintain good social relationships with others and to take on the challenges of a larger environment
      Self-management skills skills related to effectively managing time and tasks, self-motivation and resilience
      Research skills skills to identify, interpret, research, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and communicate information


  • A
  • We can create an original curriculum according to the needs of the student. For example, if the student wishes to receive support in a subject, we will basically conduct lessons at the pace of the classes held at school, with priority given to catching up. If you want specific test preparation, the IB test questions tend to be based on the textbooks, so it is most efficient and effective to have a firm grasp and understanding of the textbook content, so we will focus on this area in the lessons.
  • A
  • Yes, of course it is possible. You can freely combine subjects and courses according to your child's needs. However, it may not be possible for one tutor to handle all subjects, so please consult with us first.
  • A
  • Yes, our professional counselors will support you. Our specialized counselors will support you in determining the content and difficulty level of the course of study, as well as how to select courses according to your child's aptitude, so please contact us for more information and consultation.
  • A
  • Yes, of course it is possible. It is possible to share teaching materials in advance or to have teaching materials projected through a camera for instruction. We are also flexible about textbooks and reference books, so please feel free to contact us.
  • A
  • You can choose the one that best suits your needs. When you apply, we will ask you about your preferred day and time, and we will introduce you to a tutor to meet your needs.
  • A
  • We hire tutors with extensive IB experience through a rigorous selection process. We have professional tutors who have extensive experience in teaching IB subjects, as well as tutors who have experienced the IB and got high grades, so they can provide instruction based on their experience. In either case, we will introduce you to an IB tutor who is available at your child's convenience.
  • A
  • Yes, the basic instruction is in English. IBO has a large number of native English-speaking foreign tutors, and we can introduce you to tutors according to your child's language ability.
  • A
  • As a rule, IBO only offers online lessons.